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I'm back. I'm packages felt like having this conversation so I decided to have it so go reaxy. I know it's midnight somewhere somebody's isn't thinking about relationships and why they don't have a man So I'm gonna go back which I know all too.

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I'm okay with that cuz I had a lot of these latd and I had to work through a lot of this stuff in order to get myself in a position to even recognize the man.

That hurts I know it does Congress Christians does it but at some point if you are serious about moving on why you're not ready for a good man you're not ready for Man, if you're still thinking and pretending like you are over your ex in you or not and you tryna move legs. We need water.

Up late ready to chat

You got two many issues one. We are bringing our bills We should not be All of this and I'm just talking reaxy finances right now and my my recommendation. It's gotta do this.

I just heard his voice, said calm down Is not that serious Cannot manipulate your way by crying and having everything that you want You have to be able to communicate You're not ready for a good man Yeah too many issues Your emotions are out of control and I wanna feel I wanna pause right here just for a minute The one thing that I believe as a woman in ladies hear me on this If you control what you thinking you can control your emotions, your life your relationships will be so much We can sit all day and say it's because we're gonna do menopause now.

You can have a conversation with you Could I please I have one very honest and open ladies are so men that are out there that are really wanting to achieve great things in life and it's not an my mindset back then was most me while I see the hearts, I see you I see you.

Up late ready to chat

Thank you Sonny. So let's have a conversation The title late night chat relationship chat You are not ready for a good man You got too many I am I couldn't thing titles You're not ready readt get me and I hate to tell you for all the women that lays there listening to me now and you're sitting back thinking what gives you the right to tell me that I'm not ready for a good man and the simple fact of the matter is you've got too many issues and I just wanna be real with you very transparent.

You are looking for a man They help take care of you and your children No no Can't get three I get three Go here. Well through here almost done four Saying I'm stop sad I'm just saying this part of my life You just listen again That's how we do it Get off like four four You aren't a wife You're not ready for a good man cuz you're not a wife. We're cyat.

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You gotta do sitting on your couch and do it all this kind of stuff. I know I was having conversation with my bro. I'm using it correct I got nothing to deal with that Ladies, can we just get it to me? I'm just saying I love you tell us a lot about who you are.

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They're not just friends. I thank you for listening. Go find somebody help him if you're you have more U than money go figure out a way to go. If you're not stable me say this We say reasy if you're not stable in these four areas get somewhere and I'm gonna say this and sit down if Not financially stable to participate in a relationship or excuse me a marriage No I'm sorry Some of you are not gonna believe that chew the meat and stood up that if you're not stable emotionally go get the help that you need If you're still trying to get over your ex your marriage that you've been the voice and all of that man did I take some time to work on me He was like I was forced to I was forced to work on me I didn't just be in a relationship I just couldn't I try and honestly it was God himself like get somewhere No No.

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You are a nice Oh this one 's Good. I wanna be attracted to him Huh Yeah You understand what I'm saying but can he have some standards Adam sale can you hold a deady kitty? These days than went Okay now if you're not dealing with a man, it's not gonna be sexy for him. I'm gonna drink some water You got too many issues Ro can't control your emotions Jack control your emotions and I if I can be honest, that is one thing that I couldn't do I couldn't do before get upset Cry Yeah one day.

Up late ready to chat

We fantasize about the one who will sit with us as the sun rises and talk about nothing until it turns to something. I greatly appreciate it so legacy here as I close I thank you for your time. I wanna do that you I'm still tryna hey raise my hand vhat divorce.

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There we go Okay. I remember being on the cast of years ago on my big rwady I do love I mean even she got a man I can I get one and I didn't understand at that moment Honestly God had me in a place where you need to sit down somewhere just sit down and work on you You can be this great moment. Can I get a three? Yes, I know we like what we like I know we like what we like I get it I wanted 64 all of that and realize yeah I know when I'm no Okay. This is gonna hurt a little bit It's gonna hurt just a little for some It's probably gonna pitch the cat out of can I ?

What you said about the last 10 years really really move on move on and I'm not saying it's easy.

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You're not ready for a good man. Got to me issues. I'm packages felt like having this conversation so I decided to have it so go ahead. I'm grow Yeah.

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Ladies one one You are still tripping Over your eggs Okay. What if your man just got got your prison doing 10 years. I know a lot of folks on the West Coast so it's still early for you those of you up at midnight.